How is Everyone?

  • I really haven't been on tumblr right now and I am extending this question for conversation to all those that are currently following me or just happens to see this if it gets shared.
  • How is everyone doing?
  • I know that as time goes on, we all deal with the day to day things and as time goes on it builds up without any sort of release. So you don't have to say more than what you want to, but I am legitimately interesting in knowing how people are doing right now.
  • I know for myself I'm doing pretty well right now, I've been working heavily with music the past couple of months, as well as a lot of other things. I've also been working on my handwriting, as I am always finding ways to better myself for the long run. I am currently reading a few books right now (a few pages of each book a day) and those books have really been giving me what I need right now.
  • I'm reading Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, and The Complete Idiots Guide To Music Theory by Michael Miller. I won't go into massive detail right now as to how those books are impacting my life right now, but they have lots of beneficial information that is helping push me forward (which is what I'm about).
  • Things are thankfully well with my family - I actually just got off of Skype with my parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, younger sister and older cousin - it was great to be able to see them and talk to them even though they are all currently in Maryland and I am in Florida.
  • But yeah, I'm keeping my head up and eyes forward, and expecting a bright future. What's going on in your life?
Everyday is filled with new and wonderful opportunities.

Everyday is filled with new and wonderful opportunities.


We released a pre-alpha build of Cloudface this time last week and got some awesome feedback :D If you want to check it out you can get it here!

Creative Something: What the web means for the future of creative thinking


In 1879 Karl Benz was awarded a patent for an automobile engine first designed the year prior. That invention shaped much of what was to come. With the ability to now travel further and faster, the world changed.

1903, the Wright Brothers flew their Wright Flyer I successfully. That was…


The second key for Rochard being not used, I could easily say I lack followers. Duh.



Tea Box: A Tutorial Masterpost


I said that I’d show some tutorials I have saved up to someone, but decided that I’d just go ahead and post most of what I have stored away and create a sort of masterpost out of it. (I figure it’ll help me just as much since, as of now, they’re all pretty scattered between my…

Can’t really draw, but I definitely will be looking through this and practicing as time goes on.

Today’s To-Do List

Another beautiful day in the land of the living. I am extremely busy today, I have things not only particular to my business, but to my life in general.

(This is in regards to my upcoming game)

I am currently developing the developer’s console for debugging purposes primarily. This will be extremely helpful once I get this up, I will no longer have to resort to using my IDE’s console that doesn’t really help me too much.

  • Get the developer’s console visible
  • Process textual data through the console
  • Properly recognize custom made developer’s commands
  • Come up with more commands that would be helpful at this current time

I am most likely going to get this done by today, I have already began getting the console on the screen and should have that done momentarily.

Doing the rest shouldn’t take too long, even though I haven’t fully structured the command system. Oh well, guess just try a “compile and error” kind of method of attack.

Its sad that I am almost to busy to type out this little post -sigh-…

I’ll post more shortly. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Development Progress

Currently on Project SS1 I have gotten a few things working (maybe not the way I want them to but they at least do something). After I get some more work done on some procedural generation I will pick up on the physics system. I can promise some details later but I really don’t like explaining as much as I like to show (meaning when I have some graphics I will be more willing to let you know where things are at).

*Looks at to-do list*

So I have never really worked with a to-do list simply for the fact that I never realized how much it helps you to stay focused on what you need to get done instead of just programming on random things. Seeing things that I wanted to accomplish that I actually did brings so much more sanity to my life instead of just randomly attacking parts and not really finishing anything at all.


I feel like I can let this slip through:

I am working on procedurally generated rooms, from the furniture in it, to where doors are placed. Being a pretty smart guy I realized that there is a lot of data that you can use to determine what goes into a room and where; so I realized that using bytes to represent these chunks of data was the smartest way to go. I have determined that each of these chunks of data were to be called codes (or seeds), the world will generate these codes on the fly and then each code will be read by the room to determine what will contain.

Probably one day I will have all of the codes combined into a single blotch of bytes to be read at once, but for right now I have them split up into sections based off of what kind of information they represent:

  1. (byte) doorCode - used to determine where doors are placed in a room if it has any doors in it at all.
  2. (byte) furnishCode - [currently not established yet] but it will be used to determine the placement of household objects.

There are more codes for a room but any other codes will give up information I don’t want to let out right now.

I’ll have something good for you guys soon enough! 

Making Progress

I apologize for the lack of updates for the project I’ve been working on. Its been a busy week for me getting business matters solved and getting some partners.

I had promised the working title on my next post but I don’t really want to release that as of yet until I have more to go off of (the story is coming together for the project as well as the development of the main protagonist (and the antagonist). What everyone can call it for now is Project SS1. I won’t say why or anything as of yet.

I’ve been busy mainly programming features into the game. Also I am working on properly documenting my code so that I don’t really forget what I am doing at any point in time. Don’t really have much time to spare to tell you what I am doing, but as soon as I do I will let you guys know.


The life of a programmer….

Tomorrow it comes to life..Programmer Style

Tomorrow I will have a prototype build of my game and more information will be given about it.

Seeing that this will be a short post I will just make a few statements below concerning the prototype build

  1. Mainly using primitive OpenGL shapes to display the character and surrounding area (don’t want to say what it is)
  2. Going to begin working on implementing one of the games major features (not going to say what it is either)
  3. The title of the game won’t be released until I get an actual design for the character which might not be for a week seeing that I am not the best at drawing things out
  4. I do have a title that I am more than satisfied with, but I will not actually release that title until I do everything paperwork wise for it lol (gotta play safe as an entrepreneur)
  5. The ideas of the game are actually pretty frightening to me and I am looking forward to the completed product.
  6. Oh yeah and I’m programming in Java using the Eclipse IDE with Libgdx as the game library.

So the only real bit of information that I gave out was that it kinda fits under the Horror category. But its not going to be meant to scare anyone, it will hopefully do a pretty damn good job and representing something that can be scary. I can’t wait to get the first build going (I won’t compile my code tonight). 

That’s all for now! 


I’m pretty proud of myself for posting on tumblr in consecutive days. Normally its a few months between posts for me. Anyways, I’m out!

Ready…Set…..wait for it……wait for it……ANNNNNDD!!

My game idea that I am going with..I HAVE IT! I have already begun working on the Core, Feature Set and the Game Design Document. I want to be extremely organized with this so whenever my future partner comes around the corner, he/she will know exactly what he/she needs to do.

I won’t release any information until I have a design for the main character. I have a working title for the game but its up to change. Currently I am looking for a graphic designer and someone to work on the soundtrack as well as assisting with sound effects. Next post will have the working title as well as the first design for the main character.

Sadly as a single man team I am forced to take a mixed approach for the game. I am currently acting as everything except the sound person (which I would do if it ever got to that point). I must take place as the writer, graphic designer and the programmer. So I am done writing documentation now and will put on my gfx hat (not programmer art hahaha). 

Look forward for more updates, hopefully the next post will peak everyone’s interest.

Timely Response

Well here I am again; I am forcing myself to post on my blog more often so that I just get into the habit of doing it and posting updates. Primarily I do this so anything currently on my mind I can get off so I can start a day fresh and empty, ready for brand new ideas.

Anyways, its a pretty dirty morning (it rained all last night leaving a nice layer of muddiness everywhere). I stayed up all last night watching Indie Game: The Movie which actually ended up being a pretty honest representation of what a hardworking indie developer goes through when he/she is honestly trying to break-through into the gaming industry. My goal is to work even harder than that while still maintaining my sanity (the maker[s] of Fez seemed to definitely lose a couple of screws up top and was kinda mentally unstable by the end of it all).

I have a pretty brief list of things I NEED to do today:

  1. Complete company logo
  2. Come up with a company slogan if necessary
  3. Come up with an idea for the first game (or use a previous idea)
  4. *If I can accomplish the third point then I can begin to code away

The third and fourth points seem to happen often leaving minimal results to be honest. I can start something and then I see how dumb of an idea it is and then I leave it alone to really never be touched again. That is something I want to stop doing, I am considering participating in a Ludum Dare or two, but honestly I don’t want to begin something that I don’t want to polish to become a commercial game. But it actually would be a better idea to make something for myself that expresses an ideal or something that I believe in structured under a specific theme.

My mind is everywhere and I can’t seem to contain it…I don’t know if this is a flaw or has some awesome plus side to it. 

So today I’ll just finish up the logo then update my tumblr profile change my profile picture seeing that I don’t like the style of my current one. I had said previously in a post of mine that I would “pixelize” myself which I was pretty much done with but can start from scratch again. Is it that important to have a pixel version of myself? Maybe not to anyone else, but to me it would definitely put a smile on my face every time I looked at it.

Also I have never really stated this on tumblr, if you would like to work alongside me on any project that [we] come up with let me know. 

Artists, Graphic Designers and Programmers are welcome.

Please do read my disclaimer though….


Like…okay…I have a decent idea of what I am doing, but when I have to do EVERYTHING then I really don’t know where to start. I am a java programmer and go do graphics myself but I prefer to strictly code to be honest. My art isn’t programmer art its better but not to like a strictly artists’ standard. I started my own video game company not completely organized like I should have been. I just know I want to have a video game made and that it is lots of fun working with people on a project and brainstorming and seeing a game come to life from our ideas and hard work.


So definitely though, if you want to work with me on something, or you just have an idea of something I can work on FEEL FREE to give me an idea. You could be the person to spark the inspiration for me.

Back on topic now…logo…and I’m out!

Project Maintaining Sanity

I have not posted in a while simply for the fact that I am back in the land of the good ole’ US of A. I got here pretty close to a month ago and I have been settling in.

I started my own Indie Game Development Company, Anomonode Studios (everything on that is being brought up from the ground up). And I have to say that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, after stabbing into various game ideas I come back empty handed. Website is being brought up and will be completed in a few days. Below is the link to the website (currently under construction):

Anyways, life is crazy, and I am realizing that I need a lot more help than I originally thought. I don’t even really have my business plan on paper (which is something I am needing to work on). Everything is everywhere and I am beyond overwhelmed. I can honestly only take things one step at a time right now, if I even try to go faster than that I trip over my own feet.

I had intended on posting prior to this on a project I wanted to really work on until I saw how unnecessary it is right now. If I ever decide to go through with something I will let all of you know. I will honestly try to post more now that I actually need everyone to see what I am doing.

I am beginning to follow my dreams and I can’t wait to see where they take me. This is an exciting path to be on and honestly I know that this is the beginning to many beautiful experiences.

CEO & Founder of Anomonode Studios,

Marion Rucker

Horrible Process

Well I am the worst tumblr known to mankind. Every single one of my posts pretty much starts the same way, attempting to explain the time block separating that post from the previous post; then reassuring the audience that there will (hopefully) no longer be a long wait for the next post.

I hope to skip that part of this horrible process by instead of following suite, I will instead state the errors of my way and…OH DARN!

Anyways, I am at the point in my life where I understand the direction that I need to go in. I am 19 years old going on 20 in a month and I am transitioning from the military (Air Force) life back to the civilian lifestyle (thanks to the DOS Rollbacks).

My goal now is to put my plans of being an extremely successful programmer/game designer and an even more successful entrepreneur. I intend on doing things differently then what most people would do. Instead of doing the “typical thing” and going to college for this I want to learn myself by reading books and the good old fashioned persistence until success. Of course the persistence will be via experience, working on something until it works for me, brining forth fruit of many, many, many stacks of bills (of the dollar variety).

So currently if I want to be anything in the field of game design I must know a little bit about 3D Math, so I have picked up (and by picked up I mean purchased off of the Kindle Digital Bookstore) the “3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Design - 2nd Edition”. This book is very well written, easy to follow and just over 800 pages! 

The last point was written sarcastically because I am actually quite sad knowing how much time I must put into it. Not complaining, just noting these “growing pains” I will be going through intellectually as I read these books to learn what I need to know to get to where I need to be. 

I understand the route that I want to take is the road less traveled and definitely has a lower chance of success, but if success is had there will be much. I am young, wild, and free….just kidding I actually meant to say young, motivated, and capable. I don’t care what it takes, I will make it.

The Matters of the Heart… by James Stinson
This is the cover art in the making for a book that is going to be published soon by my bro James Stinson. Once it is published I will place a link here seeing that the book will be freely distributed (digitally). 
I am the designer and I am kinda nervous seeing that I have never designed a book cover before but its an interesting experience and will definitely keep doing this once I finish this small-time project.
It is still in its early stages obviously (missing the text) and a few other things, also I will polish up on everything. Going to be starting the clouds over again from scratch and cleaning up the tear in the center as well as a few cosmetic issues I have noticed about the heart.
Any input will be greatly appreciated!

The Matters of the Heart… by James Stinson

This is the cover art in the making for a book that is going to be published soon by my bro James Stinson. Once it is published I will place a link here seeing that the book will be freely distributed (digitally). 

I am the designer and I am kinda nervous seeing that I have never designed a book cover before but its an interesting experience and will definitely keep doing this once I finish this small-time project.

It is still in its early stages obviously (missing the text) and a few other things, also I will polish up on everything. Going to be starting the clouds over again from scratch and cleaning up the tear in the center as well as a few cosmetic issues I have noticed about the heart.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!